A Partnership with Referring Physicians

6C's Characteristics

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) at NJ Dental Sleep Medicine Center is different because we don’t just make oral appliances.

At NJDSMC, we offer you, our referring physicians a partnership that is characterized by:

  • Commitment to our relationship with you and your team;
  • Collaboration to provide interdisciplinary care and follow-up of OSA, a complex and multifactorial disease;
  • Communication so you are well informed of your patient’s care and their follow-up with us;
  • Continuous learning so as to provide optimal results to patients and to share our knowledge and expertise with you and your team through lunch and learn programs and meetings;
  • Compassionate care so as to offer support and understanding to your patients; and a
  • Culture shift that promotes Sleep Health through high quality, patient- centered care, education and a focus on promoting behavioral changes to optimize wellness.

In addition to the 6 C’s at NJDSMC, we offer the following conveniences to your patients.

  • We are an approved Medicare DME Supplier for Oral Appliance Therapy so are set up to serve your over 65 patient population.
  • We directly deal with a patient’s medical insurance on their behalf for services provided at NJDSMC
  • We offer multiple payment options, including third party financing for any uncovered or out of pocket expenses that a patient may incur for their care at NJDSMC and are committed to keeping our fees as reasonable and fair as possible.

We’re Collaborators, Not Appliance Makers

Our Values