For many years my wife would complain about my snoring with episodes of gasping for breath. Not only did this scare her to death, but it prevented her from ever having a full night’s sleep. Snoring never kept me up, because I couldn’t hear myself, however, to appease my wife, I tried nasal strips, a twice daily nasal irrigation treatment, and taking allergy medication throughout the year, regardless of the allergy season. These options resulted in minimal changes in snoring volume and episodes of gasping for breath. After a sleep study was performed, I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. My wife and I met with my pulmonologist who felt I was not a candidate for a C-PAP machine, but thought I could benefit from, a less invasive, specially crafted dental appliance. I discussed this with my dentist who referred me to Dr. Merriman’s practice. Dr. Merriman preformed a thorough examination and reviewed the sleep study results. She was quite confident that a custom fitted dental appliance would resolve the obstructive sleep apnea and restore “peace in my home.” Dr. Merriman also predicted I would sleep more soundly with the appliance. The first night I wore the appliance, my wife couldn’t sleep, not because I was snoring, but because I was silent in my sleep. I have had the appliance for about 3 months and am sleeping soundly and silently and feel better rested when I wake up in the morning. Prior to wearing this dental appliance, I had not been aware that I had been sleeping restlessly, nor did I realize that I was experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. Now I am aware of just how much the quality of my sleep has improved and how much better I feel. My wife is sleeping soundly now too. I have benefitted from this dental appliance.

Dr. Merriman and her staff have taken the time to explain the entire process, answer all questions we have had. They worked tirelessly with the insurance company and been professional and caring. Dr. Merriman crafted and outstanding dental appliance. Life is good… what can I say!

- Henry Salmon

I began my journey last year with Dr. Merriman and her staff and couldn’t be happier. I have mild sleep apnea which was affecting not only my sleep but that of my partner’s. Since getting my oral appliance, my symptoms have stopped completely and I’ve noticed more restful sleep. Dr. Merriman and her staff explained every step in this process and answered all my questions. Thank You!

- Laura Healy

I was referred to Dr. Merriman by my sleep doctor at Sleep For Life, Hillsboro, NJ. Having used a CPAP machine since 2003, it was causing dry mouth which resulted in severe gingivitis. Additionally, the CPAP was bothering my husband ( air, noises) . I was fitted with a sleep appliance which has changed both my sleep and my husband’s. It is so simple to insert and wear. No more tubing to tangle with and marks on my cheeks form the headgear. Additionally, when travelling the appliance fits in my purse.

I have only thanks to Dr. Merriman and her staff for guiding me on this journey. It has been a life changing experience.

- Lori Riggs

Dr. Merriman and her entire staff are exceptional. They are extremely professional, caring and supportive. They are truly a pleasure to visit.

- Maria Bordas

Thank You very much for helping me through my tough time sleeping and saving my relationship at home. I will be telling all my friends and family about this great equipment for their loved ones.

- Sean Murray

After being diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and not looking forward to treatment with CPAP machines and masks. I needed an alternative treatment and decided to investigate Oral Appliance therapy.

During that investigation I discovered the excellent work being done by Dr. Sunita Merriman and her friendly, professional staff at the NJ Dental Sleep Medicine Center and I arranged for a complimentary consultation.

During the consultation Dr. Merriman explained thoroughly what she could do, how she would do it and what outcome I should expect if I wore my appliance nightly.

Now months later, I can say I wear my comfortable device every night, fall asleep quickly, no longer snore and wake more rested than before… and for that I Thank Dr. Merriman and her staff.

- Thomas G. Dunn, Jr.

As the bed partner of someone who snores, I can attest that their using an oral appliance designed by Dr. Merriman has silenced the snoring, allowing each of us to get better nights’ rest. Thank you, Dr. Merriman, for improving our lives and allowing us to get the full night sleep we both need.

- Husband of one of Dr. Merriman’s patients

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Merriman’s practice for about eight months. She and all the women in the practice are professional, warm and caring. It’s like going to see friends, and I look forward to my visits. I’ve never felt rushed, and all questions are addressed promptly. The office décor reflects the people who work there, and the tone is set by Dr. Merriman: Welcome, cozy, with a coffee bar at the ready. How appropriate it is that the practice is located in what once was a private home in Westfield.

I recommend Dr. Merriman and her team without reservation.

- Susan C.

Having experienced a difficult time using a CPAP (4 mask fittings, constantly waking during the night), I was relieved to see that this appliance works. My sleep is uninterrupted, I experience more REM sleep and wake up more rested. The staff and Dr. Merriman are very helpful and supportive.

- Diane Rodriguez

My experience with Dr. Merriman was very positive. I found her to be very knowledgeable and caring, patient and professional. She is highly skilled and experienced and imparts her knowledge in a way that is easily understood. Aydee and her staff are warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Sunita Merriman to anyone seeking her highly specialized area of dental sleep medicine.

- Felicia Cryszczon

Dr. Merriman is an excellent and meticulous dentist. She is very helpful and courteous and did good work for me. Her staff is also very helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure to have Dr. Merriman treat me with the dental appliance for sleep apnea.

- William Dearborn

Incredibly Caring Doctor, who has been instrumental in helping me with my Snoring Issues. I can highly recommend Dr. Merriman’s services to anyone thinking about changing who they use as a dentist and if they are looking for help in the area of Sleep. Her team is incredible and you’ll feel at home in her office. Can’t say enough great things…

- Shawn Glyn

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